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ISA Banner Advertising

RATE REQUIREMENTS: Rates are based on the total space contracted for, IN WRITING AND IN ADVANCE. When contracting for multiple months, banner ad will run in consecutive months. Non-members rates are shown. ISA Members deduct 15% from advertising rate. No advertising in violation of existing ISA sponsorship and/or benefit program agreements will be accepted.
Request Additional Advertising Information:

Rotating Banner Advertisements
Your ad along with other advertisers will rotate onto the page.
   Whole Site – Bottom of screen
   By County – Left & Right Side
Limited to 1 per page
Dimensions: 300 pixels wide by 100 pixels high
Size: 15K
Format: JPEP, PNG, GIF or Animated GIF Logo


Whole Site Advertising*
3 - MONTH = $ 2,400 Total Plus 3 Free ISA Associate Memberships.
6 - MONTHS = $ 3,600 Total Plus 6 Free ISA Associate Memberships.
12 - MONTHS = $ 4,800 Total Plus 10 Free ISA Associate Memberships.
*Whole site advertising appears at the bottom of every page of the ISA website in rotation.

By County Advertising*
3 - MONTH = $ 450 total per county
6 - MONTHS = $ 750 total per county
12 - MONTHS = $ 1,150 total per county
*2 or more county packages may be negotiated for a special rate.

Event Page Advertising
Event pages will be exclusively reserved for event sponsors.

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