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Indiana Sheriffs' Association Memorial Fund

ISA memorial

The Indiana Sheriffs' Association has established the "Indiana Sheriffs' Association Memorial Fund." The primary purpose of this fund is to provide the money we need to better train our sheriffs and their deputies with the hope that better training will lead to fewer officers killed in the line of duty.

You've read that overall crime is down and this is true, but more and more suspects are resisting apprehension which puts the sheriffs and their deputies in greater harm's way.

The second purpose of the endowment fund will be to provide scholarships to Indiana young people who want to pursue a career in the criminal justice system. We need, ever so badly, a flow of young people who want to be a part of law enforcement, and scholarships have proven to be one of the most effective ways to accomplish this.

This is your invitation to join us in this effort. I hope you will do so by making a contribution to our endowment. Any gift you make, regardless of the size, will make you a MEMBER of the "Indiana Sheriffs' Association Endowment Fund." Because we will only spend the earnings from the endowment, the larger your gift, the better. For instance, if you give $500.00, that will provide about $25.00 a year for training and scholarships. That may not sound like much, but it will provide that $25.00 EACH YEAR, FOREVER.

Those who send $500.00 or more will be made a LIFETIME MEMBER of the endowment fund. You can make your gift either all at once, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. Just indicate your preference on your form.

Everyone who contributes to our endowment fund will receive a personalized certificate, suitable for framing and those who contribute $500.00 or more and become life members of our fund will receive a handsome wall plaque. In addition, everyone who contributes to this cause will get the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping us better train those young men and women who are enforcing the laws of our state.

If you happen to ask yourself, "Why should I make a major gift to my Sheriffs' Association?", let me respond by saying that there is nothing more important to the preservation of the American way of life than the "rule of law" and the enforcement of the law. This is even more important than democracy itself. For instance, both Russia and Mexico have democracy but few of us would want to live there.

Enforcing the law is very risky and can be life threatening; we need your help to better train those who make a commitment to do it.

100% of the money you contribute will go directly to our endowment.


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