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Indiana Sheriffs’ Association Launches Your Community
Institute for Credible Leadership Development


The Indiana Sheriffs’ Association (ISA) is sincerely proud to announce our partnership with the policing National Command and Staff College of the International Academy of Public Safety. The purpose of this public-private collaboration is to launch the ISA state-wide on-line Institute for Credible Leadership Development (ICLD) to all Sheriffs’ personnel.

The ISA represents all Indiana sheriffs and their personnel. Thus, a primary focus is to develop and implement programs to assist deputies, officers and staff to continuously enhance their professional growth and practical leadership skills to improve themselves and their agencies while having a meaningful, positive impact on those they serve.

We are in the next era of policing-community evolution where law enforcement professionals must partner with the community to help improve wellbeing. Police-community collaboration must be based on coactive-mutual trust and respect while maintaining safety and security.

This is the new era of law enforcement evolution where police professionals must lead with head and heart - with intellect and compassion.

Whether an officer has just graduated from the basic academy or they are in a senior position, how well they do their job, the positive influence they have on fellow officers and on the beat, and the legacy they leave will help shape how our law enforcement services are delivered long into the future. The whole of police, agency and community working together is greater than the sum of the parts.

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                            2018 Indiana Sheriff's Association President Sheriff Tim Troyer of Steuben County





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