2016 Message from Steve Luce, ISA Executive Director

Looking back at 2015 for the ISA brought a lot of excitement.  Having 46 Newly Elected Sheriffs kept the ISA very busy with training and education.  While coming off a New Sheriff’s School in December of 2014 the ISA wasted no time in diving right into the 2015 Legislative Session.  Each session the ISA makes “Protecting The Office of Sheriff” a priority.  Throughout the session much of the Sheriff’s legislation revolved around the Criminal Code Reform Bill ( HB 1006).
Furthering the trust between the Sheriff and their citizens of their counties was a goal for the ISA.  At a time when law enforcement is under scrutiny from all sides of the country I feel the ISA and Sheriffs of Indiana, have overwhelmingly support from the citizens and ISA members we serve and I thank you.   The ISA will continue to focus on Professional Development Training during 2016 for  the Sheriff’s Office.
Membership saw an increase with bringing on 5,898 new members during 2015.  Having new members annually join the ISA is extremely important in the ISA growth. As a member please continue to visit this website for information, news and opportunities.
In closing , it has been an honor to serve as the ISA Executive Director of this fine organization during 2015.  The ISA will continue to reach out to our members several times during 2016 through the ISA Newsletter and Social Media.  Having all 92 Sheriffs participate in the ISA shows the importance of their belief in “Protecting the Office of Sheriff.”  The ISA will continue to encourage all 92 Sheriffs to take their office to the street during 2016.  By educating their citizens about the Sheriff’s Office there will be TRUST built between the Sheriff and their community.  God Bless and stay safe.

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    The Indiana Sheriffs Leadership Camp, founded in 1980, was established by sheriffs in order to aid and enhance the development of the state's youth. Originally called the Indiana Sheriffs Career Camp, the camp's name was changed in 2003 to go along with a new curriculum.


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